Forthcoming album & tracklist revealed

Hello people!

As you might remember I mentioned before, that we’re about to release our second album hopefully during this year and some negotiations between suitable record labels are already on..

The album is going to be A LOT more aggressive, progressive and catchier compared to Dead Echo Paranoia, so ropes been tightened many ways so to speak, I think you might be surprised..ELECTRIC_DEATHBEAT_3_IS_1-4

I got you the song titles (not in final order) and the album name, there you go..


– A Gale Inside the Tenth
– Destroy Eden
– Sweet Vertigo
– Regenerate Babalon
– Swallow Our Night
– Acid Feast
– Concrete Waters
– 3 is 1 – A Ghost Triangle
– Non Serviam
– Hexaeon Shutter
– Cycle of Loss
– Asymmetrical Paragon